create like dre

The other day my boyfriend told me to watch this one show that had just aired on HBO. He had started the show while I was out of town a few days prior & all he said to me was that it was a documentary about music that was really good & he thought I’d enjoy it. He’s usually not wrong about knowing shows I’d like so I decided to try it out & start watching the first episode with him.

The show was called The Defiant Ones & it was a four part documentary that followed the life & story of Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine. I knew who they both were & that they both were in the music industry. I had recognized Jimmy as a music producer, & knew that Dr. Dre was a rapper, but honestly I barely knew anything about either of them. Within the first few minutes I was hooked into the perfect balance of the altering story lines of each man’s life. Two men from two different worlds on opposite coasts that I had known pretty much nothing about suddenly had me guessing how & why their stories mattered to their combined one point of relevance; music.

Every episode of the show had me on the edge of my seat. I was learning about different music & cultures & artists that I knew existed, but had never experienced before. Call me naive, or oblivious, or unaware, but I was truly hearing so much about the music that had surrounded me my entire life for the first time ever. It was all so fascinating to me to learn about the live’s of Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine, from them growing up, to how they started their careers, to some of their highs & lows, & to eventually seeing how their worlds would collide. We finished watching it in two nights & I wish there was more to the story so that I could keep watching.

I don’t want to spoil the whole show. I could give every detail away, but I won’t. I’ll just tell you to watch it. If you’re a dreamer, if you’re a creator, if you’re a music lover, or if you’re someone who believes that anything is possible, watch the show. It will inspire you. It will ignite something within you. It will make you want to chase your passion, work harder than you ever have before, & drive you to give back once you get where you’re going.

I’m a 24 year old white female who grew up in the suburbs. My life growing up was nothing in comparison to what Dr. Dre lived & I could truly never relate to it. Jimmy Iovine grew up in an apartment in New York & though we are both Italian, we don’t have the same story. Our three lives don’t align at all on paper, in experience, or livelihood. But, both of them were creative genius’s in their fields. They both worked & created & perfected & went above & beyond to get their craft to an appreciated level. And this, this is something I can relate to & understand. I know what it’s like to work hard & relentlessly at something because you feel that in your bones you have to. I know what it’s like to do something & repeat it over & over & over because you honestly can’t stop until you get it just right. I know what it’s like to feel that you can’t rush or force creativity because it has it’s own timeline. I know what it’s like to not give up despite all the doubt surrounding you. 

I’m not in the field of music. I don’t know anything about producing. I don’t know many lyrics to the group N.W.A., & I couldn’t even tell you a single song by Stevie Nicks. Music is something that I casually partake in, but have never fully been aware of. But when you watch The Defiant Ones, you’re introduced to culture, life, and the art of music behind what you hear from the artist. This is a show that has changed my creative perspective to it’s core. I can’t help but want to work hard like Jimmy, overcome like Dre., & to be defiant in knowing that I can do whatever I set out to accomplish. I know I will get there with hard work, time, patience, persistence, & making my own damn way.

I believe we’re all born in our own corners of the world for a reason. I believe that we’re all made to do something. I believe that we have a purpose & a path that is only our own. You can’t be the person next to you, but you can admire their story & then use it as inspiration to go out there & write your own. Creativity isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. So work harder than everybody else to perfect your craft.  Be like Jimmy. Create like Dre.

—abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who wants to immerse herself fully in the knowledge of things she never knew she needed to know


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