abbey kay & paperless post: wedding season trends

The holidays are over, Valentine’s Day ended last weekend, & that only means one thing: wedding season is upon us. I bet your friend, or your cousin, or your friend’s cousin got popped the question of all questions sometime over the last few months. Now it’s all bridal magazines & Pinterest wedding boards & planning talk until the end of next fall. So today I’m teaming up with Paperless Post
to bring you all things wedding style related that I foresee as big hits during  this 2016 wedding season. Whether you’re recently engaged, crying over the fact that you’re not, or dreaming of the day to come, this post is for the wedding guru in you!

This year I imagine it to be all about blush pink & accents of delicate gold. There’s just something so dreamy about the colors & when they come together they create pure magic.

 Boho dresses & floral crowns have been around the past few wedding seasons & I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. This generation is in love with lace & vibes of the past & to be quite honest, we kill it with these looks!

 Weddings have been major DIY & thrifty ever since Pinterest came along a few years ago. But this year I see less crafty projects & more antique decor spread throughout the special day. Think rustic candle holders, vintage table decor, & victorian furniture for your guests to lounge comfortably.

  Location isn’t as vital when you’re marrying the one you love & I love that it’s become so minimalistic recently. Fields of all sorts are idealistic for the big day, & I see that trend becoming more & more popular. It’s not where you get married that matters most & I love that people are finally catch onto that truth.

I’m so glad I live in an era where we still use paper invites to ask people to come to our weddings instead of the ever so impersonal “invited to an event” notification via social media. Paperless Post
has the cutest & most simply crafted save the dates & wedding invites  for your special day. I see one-toned & quick to the point invites taking over this wedding season & I can’t wait to be invited to my first one of the year!

Hope you found this post inspiring & that it makes you want to start planning your big day as soon as you can! Check out Paperless Post
for all your cardstock needs & follow us both on Instagram (@paperlesspost) & (@abbeyykayy & @abbeykayblog).

What trends do you think will be popping up all over the wedding scene? Let me know in the comments below!

— abbey kay
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*brought to you by a girl who dreams of her wedding day too


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